Premium bins and ladders.


Premium bins and ladders.


We’ve been setting standards since 1947.

For over 75 years, HAILO has been setting industry standards with our innovative range of home equipment. Since then, HAILO’s ladders and bins have become the go-to products for professional artisans, DIY fanatics, and proud homeowners alike. We’re proud to say that HAILO products are now available in over 60 countries worldwide.

A woman sitting in the kitchen working on her laptop. Right besides her stands the HAILO Pure M in silver

Quality Made in Germany

Quality is at the heart of HAILO’s philosophy. We never compromise on the safety, comfort, and convenience of our products. In 2003, HAILO equipped all toll gantries in Germany and Austria with our HAILO ladders, demonstrating our signature quality and attention to detail.

Award-winning design

We constantly ask ourselves how we can make it safer, easier, and more convenient to work in the home and garden. As a result, we’ve created groundbreaking household equipment, including aluminum ladders, waste management systems, and odor-free bins.

HAILO Awards
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Our Shop.

Whether you’re looking for a sturdy stepladder or an odor-free bin for your kitchen, our shop will provide you with the very best in German innovation. HAILO offers a wide range of products for homes, businesses, and the construction industry. All HAILO products and accessories are diligently made to meet the highest standards in quality and safety.


Excellence in ladder systems.

HAILO K60 Standardline stands folded out

Step stools

Our quality ladders will help you reach new heights - safely.

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HAILO L60 Standardline stands folded out

Step Ladders

Need a boost? Our sturdy step ladders are a must-have for all homes.

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Premium waste management.

HAILO Harmony M in stainless steel

Free-standing waste bins

Hygienic and convenient, our waste bins are perfect for the kitchen, garden, or office.

HAILO Ecoline Design L pulled out

Built-in waste bins

Easily integrate our stylish bins into your kitchen or home.

Our manufacturing process.

Our rigorous manufacturing process ensures that every HAILO ladder meets the highest standards in safety and quality. When manufacturing our ladders, we test all materials and components for suitability and quality, often under unrealistically tough conditions. Our steps undergo eddy current testing to check for flaws and reliability. All products are checked by hand and undergo additional testing and a final inspection. As a result, we are completely confident that the products you receive are safe and strong.

HAILO Ecoline Design L pulled out
A side view on a step of an aluminum ladder which is tested on maximum load capacity via a press. Also, a measuring device can be seen
A testing device which tests a steel rod
A hand is holding a measuring device to a ladder to gauge the thickness of the ladder part
A side view on the aluminum step ladder which is tested with a press that is a step on maximum load capacity
Another side view on the aluminum step ladder which is tested with a press on maximum load capacity

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Our Services.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our manufacturing process. Quality is also at the center of our customer service philosophy. If you have any questions about our products, or if you’re curious about your latest HAILO purchase, you can access our service resources and reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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More about us.

HAILO’s story began in 1947 when mechanical engineer Rudolf Loh founded Metallwarenfabrik Rudolf Loh GmbH. He began manufacturing medical furniture, metal bed frames, and hot water bottles. Later,he added watering cans, waste bins, and the household security ladder to the catalog.

HAILO transformed the market by creating and popularizing the aluminum household ladder. Lightweight and resilient, these ladders offered convenience and safety to households across Germany.

Rudolf Loh’s son Joachim took over in 1971. This period saw HAILO become a well-known international brand. In 2009, HAILO was handed over to Joachim Loh’s son, Sebastian. Throughout the decades, HAILO has been at the forefront of innovative home equipment, constantly offering new and creative solutions. Although our catalog has changed, our sterling reputation and commitment to quality have remained - just as our time-tested products do.

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