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Step ladders

We offer our customers stepladders made of high-grade aluminum in a wide range of product series and price options. All HAILO solutions are available as folding ladders with 3-8 standard or large steps (depth: 3-5 inches).

HAILO's wide pedal and non-slip stepladders offer safety and functionality empowering you to even work on hard-to-reach areas. The ladders go above and beyond the standard requirements in terms of materials, weight capacity, ladder options, and overall workmanship. With unique and practical details, they make your work easier at any ladder height.

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Step stools

Reach new heights safely with HAILO step stools. Whether you want to hang a picture on the wall or store your laundry on the top shelf, our versatile aluminum and steel step stools are the perfect solution.

Our two-step and three-step stools are designed for you to fold and store them at your convenience. The time-tested design means that you can rest assured that our step stools are both safe and comfortable to use.

Easy to store and use, your HAILO step stools will soon become an indispensable household tool.

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Staircase platform

Painting walls, hanging decorations, changing light bulbs, checking smoke alarms - normally you’ll only need a household ladder to do all these jobs around the home. But it’s a different story when it comes to stairwells. Apart from the height, tight layouts and space-saving stair designs with narrow landings can make many jobs difficult. Setting up a ladder becomes a difficult task in these situations. We’ve now come up with a safe and clever solution to the problem: the innovative ladder leveler called the TP1 stairs platform, designed to cater to the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and professional handymen.

TP1 can be used as a working platform or as a base for all HAILO folding steps and stepladders with up to four steps. It is a non-slip working surface integrated into a sturdy aluminum frame system that offers a firm, safe footing. This versatile product comes pre-assembled for immediate use.

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Telescopic ladders

Telescoping rung-by-rung to custom lengths is one of the biggest advantages of the multi-position aluminum telescopic ladders, so it is no coincidence that they are so popular with home users and professionals with smaller vehicles. The portable telescoping ladder is a special, lightweight and portable extension ladder, as the height of the ladder can be adjusted to your needs by removing the individual rungs.

These ladders are skillfully constructed rung by rung, down to the smallest detail, and they adhere to the most stringent regulations. When work needs to be done at a height, our ladders are the preferred option. In terms of variety, stability, climbing safety, and well-thought-out usefulness, HAILO's lightweight telescoping ladders are unparalleled.

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Recycling bins

Garbage accumulates in residential areas, but it is also produced outside of kitchens and homes such as in workshops, production halls, logistics centers, or indoor spaces, where it’s necessary to provide recycle bins with a suitable waste separation system. Hence, recycling is equally important at home and in businesses or public facilities that might have already created a responsible waste management culture. HAILO offers high-quality, large-capacity recyclable waste collectors and bins that are suitable for usage at home, as company equipment.

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Kitchen bins

A kitchen generates large amounts of garbage: food leftovers like peeled fruits and vegetables, packaging from products used, and surplus kitchen scraps. Depending on how you want to dispose of it, you'll need to find a place for it - and a versatile kitchen bin will help you do just that! Do you prefer a bin with a sensor or a pedal for touchless discretion? Do you plan to use it as a recycling bin? Should a waste separation system already be integrated? Do you need a simple, small countertop compartment, or a larger, stackable structure? Whatever type of solution you choose, HAILO has the right product for your kitchen.

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Free-standing waste bins

Every day, we produce waste, whether that’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or office. HAILO has individual solutions for each of these areas with its broad product portfolio of free-standing bins.

We offer innovative and intelligent waste bins and accessories that are not only practical but attractively designed. Our high-quality stainless steel and sheet steel waste bins designs quickly become an eye-catcher in any room, while the pedals and sensors enable easy and swift lid usage. These waste containers don’t have to be hidden in the corner of the kitchen, in a cabinet, or put out on the curbside!

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Built-in waste bins

Anyone who likes to cook, knows that the kitchen is where most of the waste is produced in a household. For this reason, waste bins are an indispensable part of the kitchen. With our single or double recycling bins, we offer you intelligent and space-saving hardware in various gallon volumes to separate and dispose of waste in your home sensibly and according to type. Whether made of stainless steel, sheet steel, or high-quality plastic (available in white, silver, and other powder-coated colors), our built-in waste bins are designed to suit your needs. Our models differ both in their functionality and in their gallon capacity.

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Bathroom bins

Overflowing garbage bins aren’t limited to the kitchen: your bathroom can suffer from it too. However, bathrooms usually generate residual waste that doesn’t require a garbage separation system, which is why a cosmetic bin works well. Most of the time, it’s cosmetic tissues, cotton swabs, and other hygiene items that end up in the wastebasket.

Our practical pedal bins made of stainless steel or corrosion-resistant coated sheet steel, with a plastic inner storage basket that’s not visible from the outside, are not only particularly suitable and practical for this purpose, but they also look attractive thanks to their stylish colors, helping you create order in all of your rooms.

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At HAILO, we believe our products should be as flexible and versatile as possible, depending on your individual needs. For ladders, we offer a range of accessories that make your work, and our products, even more fun. Here you can find exchangeable feet for stepladders, various comfort accessories for rung ladders or a practical stair platform for HAILO folding steps and stepladders with up to four steps. Why not take a look at our range of accessories for folding steps, stepladders, rung ladders, scaffolding, and waste bins and see for yourself.

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Spare parts

Here at HAILO, we attach great importance to you being able to use our products for a long time. That's why our product range includes a list of spare parts for many products from the ladder and waste bin segment. That means you don't need to buy new products when individual parts get damaged or show signs of wear and tear – you can just replace them instead.

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