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K20 - 3 Steps


The Hailo K20 2 & 3 tread stepstool is suitable for a variety of uses and has a sturdy construction that will last for many years. A handy feature of this stepstool is that it folds down to a width of just 1.9 inches, which makes it easy to store and transport.

The frame of the Hailo K20 is made from tubular steel for robustness. The individual steps are also made from steel and finished in white, and they have a large surface area that is covered with black, textured, non-slip mats for added safety. The feet are covered with non-skid plastic and offer full-surface contact, factors which provide maximum stability and help to ensure that the stepstool won’t slip out from under you while you work. The Hailo K20 is certified to BS EN14183 standard and holds a maximum weight of 330 lbs.

This product is part of a wide range of access equipment designed & produced by Hailo of Germany. As well as making steps and stools, Hailo is a leading European manufacturer of an extensive selection of home and office waste bins. The experienced team at Hailo have superb attention to detail and are proud of all of the items that carry their trademark red dot.

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Reference #: 4397-921


3 Steps:k20-9204015096
2 Steps:k20-9204015095

Product Details

  • Sturdy two-tread folding steps with tubular steel frame, large steps, and high safety rail
    Non-skid feet and large steel steps with non-slip black mats for safety
    Weighs just 11.5 lbs and measures just 2 inches thick when folded
    Made in Germany and certified to EN14183 standard-holds a maximum weight of 330 lbs
    Ten-year guarantee


We provide a 10-year warranty for this access equipment according to our current warranty conditions.

Technical specifications

Level of equipment Value
Extra wide steps Value
Space-saving stowage Value
Hinged lock Value
For delicate floors Value
Non-slip feet
Number of steps 3
Width/depth required for setting up B = 18.5 inches, C = 21.3 inches,
Total height, platform height -
Max. working height 91.7 inches
Dimensions of packaging (HxWxD) A = 18.5 inches, B = 2.0 inches, C = 35.4 inches
Weight 11.44 lbs
Load capacity 330 lbs
Material Aluminum


Feedback from our customers:

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Finally a safe solution
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Finally a safe solution

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