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Compact-Box M - Mirrored Stainless steel


The compact fitted trash can with plenty of space and the unique lid-lift system.

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Reference #: 3555-101

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Stainless steel:compact-box-m-9204015405

Product Details

  • Opens as if by magic

    Small dimensions, large volume: This trash can is ideal for every fitted kitchen. The lid-lift system lifts the lid to one side as soon as you open the cabinet door. This ensures easy filling and removal of the inner trash can. The waste bin is easy to assemble. You can choose whether it goes on the right- or left-side of the door. The Compact-Box M holds up to 4 gallons of trash and can be used with hinged-door base cabinets starting at 15.7 inches wide. Compact-Box M - the fitted trash can with lid-lift system.

    Lid-lift system with springless plastic tilt-and-turn lid
    Can be used with hinged-door base cabinets starting at 15.7 inches wide
    Easily mountable on the left, or right of a cabin
    Inner trash can (4 gallons), plastic
    Housing made from stainless steel or corrosion resistant coated sheet steel
    Large volume of 4 gallons with compact dimension


We provide a 5-year (for private use) / 3-year (for commercial use) warranty for this trash can according to our current warranty conditions.

Technical specifications

Fitted option
Volume 4 gallons
Number of inner cans 1
Height 14 inches
Width 11.4 inches
Diameter 11.2 inches
Weight 3.7 lbs
Packaging weight 4.6 lbs
Lid material Plastic
Housing material Stainless steel
Lid color Black
Color Stainless steel


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Finally a safe solution
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Finally a safe solution

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